Solutions of our Team for the iCTF 2011 Challenges.

Challenge 05: (75 pts)

(required files: 9x9.pdf)

Solution: “Valkyries

Challenge 09: (350 pts)

Here at iCTF HQ, we have a little ADD problem. Seeing how cheap domain were when we registered, we decided to buy another domain. There was a bulk discount! Cool, ha?

Except, we forgot what the domain was. Can you find it?


0x69637466(.info) Solution: “I@mD@Sh3rl0k0fth31nt3rn3tz

Challenge 10: (10 pts)

Who would never laugh at the mules? (required file: ictf2011.m4v)

At about 1:19 there are some frames exchanged.

Solution: “Mule Herders”

Challenge 11: (350 pts)

A gpg secret key (ascii encoded) have been splitted into two parts and concatenate into the lookatme file. The first part of the key is 872 bytes long and the second is 873 bytes long. Find the key and decrypt the file secret.txt.gpg. Don’t forget to include the key you found in this following block before trying to decrypt the file. —–BEGIN PGP PRIVATE KEY BLOCK—– Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux) KEY —–END PGP PRIVATE KEY BLOCK—–

(required file: findthekey.tar.gz)

The key starts with “lQ”, brute forcing a little bit from position 484764 to 484795 helped to find the key.


Challenge 13: (250 pts)

When I was playing around with the backdoor I deployed on Zeus’ laptop, I found that it was very interested in this page. Discover why, and if it’s worth something, you’ll get a good cut.

(required file: inferno.html)

brainfuck code in html source, resolves to:

_Yo, Ben, here’s your cut for the Zimmermann job in Quantico. I know only you can decode messages sent from the circles of hell, so don’t try to complain again that you never got the money. Godspeed, Enigma


The last line is a malbolge script, which gives the solution.

Solution: EvIl!

Challenge 14: (50 pts)

I read it encoded. Can you?

(required file: IReadItEncoded)

The link leads to text which is base64 encoded. Decoding produces an ASCII QR-Code tag, which leads to the solution.

Solution: Xis4n00bs

Challenge 15: (150 pts)

Why? (link to

Solution: “5r3kc4h” (Hackers backwards in leet)

Challenge 17: (100 pts)


People! The new amazing l33786 processor is here! More than ten powerful opcodes! Almost eight bits to the byte! Non-Uniform Memory Access for super-high performance!

We are also super-green! To conserve power, memory in our system is split in two halfs: low and high. Memory locations are physically 7-bit long, but this is not a limit for our CPU! Just store values below 127 in the low memory and values 128 or higher in high memory. There are 4 high memory locations and 4 low ones.

Two registers are provided, rl and rh. Low memory is wired to rl, high memory is wired to rh. Registers are not limited in the values they can store.

With unprecedented generosity, UCSB is giving you access to a version of l33786 that integrates an arithmetic coprocessor! The coprocessor can increment or decrement arbitrary memory locations. DMA! Amazing.

Here is our state-of-the-art RISC instruction set:

ldh {addr} will perform:rh = high_memory[addr] _ ldh {addr} will perform:rl = low_memory[addr]_ _ sth {addr} will perform:high_memory[addr] = rh_ _ stl {addr} will perform:low_memory[addr] = rl_ _ incl {addr} will perform:low_memory[addr]++_ _ decl {addr} will perform:low_memory[addr]–_ _ inch {addr} will perform:high_memory[addr]++_ _ dech {addr} will perform:high_memory[addr]–_ _ xor {dest} {src} will perform:dest = dest XOR src_ _ shl rh {count} will perform:rh = rh « count_ _ shr rl {count} will perform:rl = rl » count_

_ Addresses are integers in the range [0,3]. Example: “ldh 3“._

I heard that if you load 146 in rl and 69 in rh something special may happen… What are you waiting for? Connect to port 3786 on and start your limited trial of this amazing CPU!

Solution: “thisisadvancedtechnology

Challenge 19: (50 pts)

22h 29m 40s -20 50’ 20’‘

Solution: “Helix Nebula

Challenge 23: (350 pts)

_ Analyze the following trace and find any revelant information about bank account._

(required file: network1.pcap)

  • extraced zip files from packet capture
  • extraced recursive compressed archives until the current file cant be extracted no more –> file contained a string: xAccount: 499550439979-125084150537

Solution: 499550439979-125084150537

Challenge 24: (50 pts)

Tweet a picture of your team to @UCSBiCTF using the hashtag #ictf2011


Challenge 27: (200 pts)

The OSB company is actually sued for taking part in a weapon traffic across the Atlantic. They want to eliminate the main witness in this case but they still don’t know where he is hidden. You have intercepted this audio file from the plaintiff to the judge. Can you find something interesting in there ?

(required file: phonecall.wav)

  • file says stereo but audio is only on left track
  • audio stops ~1sec before end of track
  • right track is text encoded in audio spectrum, not very readable


Challenge 35: (100 pts)

so many operations

(required file: smo)

Branfuck code which generates the following Morse Code:

-.– — ..- ..-. — ..- -. -.. .. - —… – .- -.– - …. . ..-. .-.. .- –. -… . .– .. - …. -.– — ..-


Challenge 37: (250 pts)

Money mules keep a low profile. So does this flag. But there is no place to hide.

(required file: soyouthinkyoucanwebhack2.html)

(managed to break the javascript in eclipse)

Solution: didyouusewepawetagain?

Challenge 40: (100 pts)

On July 4th, 2011 the Twitter account of @foxnewspolitics got compromised. Well, either that or they made a very macabre joke when announcing that: “BREAKING NEWS: President @BarackObama assassinated, 2 gunshot wounds have proved too much. It’s a sad 4th for #america. #obamadead RIP”. For our security team to close in on the people who broke into this account, we need to know the exact UNIX timestamp (seconds precision) of when this Tweet was sent. The file contains data as we collected it from the Twitter streaming API during that day. Get back to us with the right answer and we shall provide you with some CHFs.

(required file: twitter.gz)

UNIX Timestamp extracted from the .json file.

Solution: 1309760672

Challenge 41: (100)

Life, The Universe, and Waldo. As everyone knows, a man is defined by the hat he wears. So, where’s Waldo’s?

(required file: FindWaldo.jpg)

Small manikin inside the large picture. The solution is the coordinates of the white pixel of Waldo’s hat.

Solution: 2155 1912

Challenge 43: (75 pts)

(required file: WhatAmI.code)

The link leads to a whitespace program which produces a copy of its own source code.

Solution: “Quine”

Challenge 44: (150 pts)

_ what does it spit out?_

(required file: wdiso.tar.gz)

The tar contains 3 files. 0x12 and 0x13 are “encrypted” with rot24.

0x12 is a wired recipe, 0x13 is a poem. 0x90 is a zip bomb.

Use the Chef Compiler to compile the repice into a perl script, which produces the solution.


Challenge 46: (125 pts)

Hey dude, I just found Alexey “Donkey” Dragunov passed out in the server room, stinkin’ drunk. Damn him… He probably freaked out for tomorrow, thinking we will never make it. But *we* will. We always do. I still need to “do the deed” with Monaco’s tranche. I know the site to use for it is, but I have no freakkin’ clue on what to do there. You’re good at this stuff. Can you help me? The only thing I found is the sheet of paper attached. It was sticking on the servers, sucked it by the fans. As always, you will *not* fail me.

(required file: whereismycut.jpg)

The file show a QR code which resolves to:


otpauth: one time password ssh Verification code: JUSH3O2LQ3WSJKSC Password: GimmieMyCut Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10 (GNU/Linux 3.0.0-12-virtual x86_64)

 * Documentation:

System information as of Fri Dec  2 19:33:14 UTC 2011

System load:  0.0               Processes:           94
Usage of /:   27.8% of 4.92GB   Users logged in:     0
Memory usage: 4%                IP address for eth0:
Swap usage:   0%

Graph this data and manage this system at
Get cloud support with Ubuntu Advantage Cloud Guest
    ___   _        __   __   ____            __
   / _ \ (_)___ _ / /  / /_ / __/____ ___ _ / /___
  / , _// // _ `// _ \/ __/_\ \ / __// _ `// // -_)
 /_/'_'/_/ \_, //_//_/\__//___/ \__/ \_,_//_/ \__/

Welcome to a managed virtual machine brought to you by RightScale!

***       Your instance is now operational.                      ***
***       All of the configuration has completed.                ***
***       Please check /var/log/messages for details.            ***
ComeOnTooEasyConnection to closed.

Solution: “ComeOnTooEasy”

Challenge 50: (5 pts)


“Unhash” the MD5 hash.

Solution: “firstblood”

Challenge 51: (25 pts)

Huaiks are esay, but steoemims tehy don’t mkae snese.

“haikus are easy, but sometimes they dont make sense.”

Solution: “Refrigerator”

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07 December 2011